Question 1.) # of enrollment of the past 5 years - enrollment for this year is going on at many schools this week

Question 2.) Average Class Size - HOME

Question 3) How do you test against MO State Average? - HOME

Question 4) Dropout Ratio - why? Are they actually drop outs, or did students who just switched school districts - due to academics, athletics, or what exactly? - HOME



This is a complex question, and unfortunately, I do not have access to data that would allow me to respond. There may be data collected more broadly by non-profit organizations, etc., but it is not collected by our district to my knowledge.

Question 5) Funding - if they are falling short, if so where? Why? How to fix it? Mehlville and Francis Howell school districts just voted down tax increases for school funding - how does that effect they way they would approach the situation differently? Is it cultural, economic issue or what exactly?  - HOME


I think I need some more clarification on the funding question, but this is also outside of the scope of my knowledge base. Mr. Clay is indeed the appropriate one to assist you with both this. I’ll point you back to him for those specific questions..