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I have taken many more for other real estate ventures - but they were under contract and I do not have the rights to use them. So I used my parents kitchen, so please pardon the mess, and the fact my leo (the yellow lab) being sprawled out on the middle of the floor. If we were to take these same types of photo of your facilities; you can really show how far MB construction can help show off the thier capabilities. (Click belows for the panaroma video).

Please Click here for the panorama I think items like this would be able to help show the facilities and care that has been implemented into the merchandise. It can be done once correctly - and used to emphasize the correlation that we are a top notch enterprise.I honestly don't know

I am just throwing random thoughts out here.

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AdFacefull2a <-PDF I am sorry you have to click on it, but I couldn't find the orginal JPEG version. Please also keep in mind this ads were targeted to younger generation in Extreme Sports. I am pretty sure the Stark Brothers is market segementation will be much different.

On a positive note, this also shows the sign of a marketing campaign - reaching the largest target market is always the goal!

ADPaintballNewsb <- Click here for a pdf file.


This is the box that I know you are not interested in. But I wanted to re-confirm that I can lay items out for email flyers as necessary.